olalla estelada

Witches and their world

I`m a witch, yes, a witch; you heard right; I make spells with herbs and mushrooms from our forest, where I live with my cat Poison; he always accompanies me.  Poison loves to pick mushrroms with his furry paws.   Oh, what can I tell you about mushrooms! a magic ingredient and the source of my magic; you see my hat, in it, I cultivate my strongest and most magical.

I love cooking, once a week I go to the Great Chef`s courses, thanks to my now recipes my lunches are more and more appreciated among my friends in the forest, would you like to discover more about me?

la magia

The books of Magic

The forest where we live is simply magical; I went to The Praire School and later graduated from the University of High Magic.  Our Books, written by generations of Wizards and Witches.  They treasure our history, knowledge and secrets.  Each of these volumes is located in magical places; the graduates in Magic are the experts of these places, away from the looks of curious and strangers. 



The Spirit of the Forest!

Each day I go out to collect herbs from the forest, the necessary ingredients to prepare spells and potions that will help us pass unnoticed in the world of humans; I carefully study the magic books.  Far, far away there is what humans call the City, it`s, extending more and more, coming closer to our beloved forest.  



Poison is my cat; my faithful friend; when he was a few months; he fell into one of my potions and was enchanted.  Nowadays, when I am in difficulty, he transforms himself, his eyes become little flames of fire.  His days pass between gluttony and absolute laziness; the little mice are happy running around him. 

The forest dwellers

The dwellers of the forest wear one of my magic stars for their protection.  When they have an injury; come to my door to be healed.  The forest protects us all. 

My name

Olalla Estelada

I was born a witch, in a magical forest; I live inside a millenary willow tree; the oldest tree in the forest, Posion live with me.  Our days are peaceful in this wonderful house; spacious and cosy with a large window in the living room, when you open the windows; the smell of the forest impregnates each of the rooms.  In the treetop I built a small mirador, every afternoon I enjoy a wild strawberry tea, a recipe of an old faun friend, uhmmmm, those fruity flavours of the forest!  From my favourite sofa I stare at the sunset, the rays descend until their reflection disappeared into the northern lagoon.  



A walk in the Forest

My enchanted shoes!

With my magical shoes, I fly through the forest with the lights of its enchanting stars.  I inherited them from my mother; was a bit complicated to start using them, when one of their tips touches the ground they raise above the ground, I remember one day………well, I`ll explain their technique to you some other time. 


Carlos j. Olivares

From the magic of Carlos’ hands, Olalla Estelada is born; full of life.  She will tell us about her adventures, step by step we will discover her friends in the forest.  Some surprises that we can’t reveal at present. We hope that you will be as enthusiastic as the fun moments we have had.  Each day they come to life, growing with each brushstroke.   

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Broom sweep away the evil spirits; do not disturb my soul and, drive them away, let them disappear forever.


In the forest I pick mushrooms, some are poisonous, I will teach you to distinguish them and their properties you will learn. 


El tiempo en nuestro reloj se paró, cuando la estrella del norte centellea sus manecillas vuelven a cobrar vida. 

Business Gifts

The forest dwellers are very curious, if you neglect your food they will steal it.


In my Mug, you will prepare a tea with fruits of the forest and, a sprig of fine vanilla will sweeten it.


To inspire you, our magic will come, to the end of the day will be with you and your dreams will take care.

follow our adventures 

with the Magic!

When the magic starts, a moment of happiness overwhelms our heart.  

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