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Pictures of family and friends hang on the walls of my house, as we have changed; those crazy haircuts we used to wear.

The dressmaker has almost finished my bag, impatient to see how it looks; I’ll have to wait a while, last-minute changes.

My collection

Since ancient times our forest has been organized in the Guilds of Magic; masters and apprentices make it possible for our forest to have the most beautiful designs. 

The Printer’s Guild is run by the Faun family; the western mountain gnomes are from the potters’ guild; the Masons’ Guild is run by the goblins, their master has been injured and, their apprentice is stressed out every day waiting for his return so that all orders can be delivered on time.

My magical notebooks

You can not forget

My notebook; this is where I write everything down so that I can never forget anything,,,, as you can see these two little birds want me to help them because they have one of their chicks is sick; I am preparing a recovery potion for them!! Let me see,,,,,, laurel leaves,,, marigold,,,, honey from the mountains,,,,,

My favourite shop!

I love the shops in the forest, so many beautiful things for gifts, home decor, ……….. I will leave you the address of one of them in case you want to visit it one day: Tienda El Detalle – Mayor, 74 – Madrid. 


Just for you


A virus has spread through the forest, Olalla is working on a new spell until then we will have to use masks to fight this harmful organism.


A blind Owl spends his nights on duty, before going to rest he passes by my balcony; he loves it; I prepared his little mug of blueberry tea with a few drops of mint flavour.


I always carry my notebook with me, it has to be very tidy; each spell is prepared in a scrupulous order with the exact amount of each herb.  


follow our adventures 

with the Magic!

When the magic starts, a moment of happiness overwhelms our heart. 

Shop El Detalle
Mayor, 74

28013 Madrid