The Mug of Olalla Estelada


The new collection of mugs of the Gnomes has arrived at our table; they are so kind that they have given my name Olalla Estelada.

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These are my mugs, well,,,, our mugs, they are magical! The habitants of the forest use them.  They have been made by elves for a long, long time, who are masters of their craft as potters and are responsible for designing these beautiful pieces. I was once told that they are made from the orchids that grow on the north side of the Blue mountain. In these beautiful mugs, you can find a little bit of our forest, its stories, its memories; the tea tastes totally different in them,,,,, the tea, the coffee jijiji,,,,, everything tastes different because they are simply magical.

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Microwave and dishwasher proof


9,50 x 8 cm de base